Law as affirmation of freedom and love

Vanja Grujic


The main goal of Community of Difference Milovic sets in confirming his diagnosis for modernity that opens that book: “Actual, global world is a Hegelian delirium”. Discussion about the “perspectives and conditions of the modern world” and asking “does it still make sense to be modern” begins with Hegel and his “synthesis of the idea of a modern constituent subject”.He will conclude that Hegel’s philosophy does not reach nor understand intersubjectivity, remaining to serve as an articulation of social subjectivity and capitalism. In his latest work Metaphysics and Politics, Milovic observes how metaphysics, which once served as a foundation for politics, becomes its product in the context of modernity. To understand this switch, he departs from the traditional world that ends in the modern concept of subjectivity where the subject becomes recognized.

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